Full Lifecycle Testing
Rigorous testing at every stage of software cycle can prevent defect occurrence and ensure reliable software development for Organizations. This accelerates time-to-market and reduces cost for any Organization. It is with this focus ATL (India) has incorporated highly competitive Quality Assurance processes and personnel in place. A typical project will go through the following testing process:

Black Box Testing
Verification and validation of web applications for functional and non-functional requirements forms the basis of Black-Box testing methodology. Our black box testing methodology covers the following:
  • Functionality Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Stress and Load Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
White Box Testing
Our white box testing methodology covers the following:
  • Code Coverage
  • Path Coverage
  • Code Analysis
Test Automation
Automation testing drastically reduces testing cycle times. Our test automation services encompass black box as well as white box testing methodologies. Our test automation framework includes:
  • Study of Development Process
  • Appropriate Testing Tools Selection
  • Implementation of Test Automation
Early detection of web-application defects can result in huge time and cost savings for any Organization. ATL (India) can help you launch web application that adheres to quality standards and within the given timeframe.

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