Combining People and Process

ATL (India) has the advantage of a vast experience in web business and it has been able to transfer this knowledge and experience to develop efficient and effective processes that are found to bring in the best results. We use a two step framework to ensure success at every step:

The Team: It is important to have a clear definition of roles to plan, design and launch an online solution.

The Process: The processes involved in ensuring that the team achieves success is crucial and hence the ‘what and how to do’ part of the framework ensures that all ATL (India) clients receive optimal online solutions. This also keeps the team in picture of the deliverables and the deadlines.
The ATL (India) Blueprint to Online Solutions

Requirement Analysis Every business has its own needs and requirements that need to be kept in picture when ATL (India) devises online business solutions for it. The requirements analysis is the stage when we ensure that we understand the clients goals and objectives and that we are on the same page towards achieving it. This ensures that quality communication is maintained and there is no scope for ambiguity.

Design and Structure
Before the website is designed its content and structure are clearly marked and used as a framework to proceed on. This is where information architecture meets design, to create spectacular results. Our content developers, web developers and designers brainstorm to ensure that your website meets all creative and technical requirements and is appealing to your customers. They are able to give shape to creative ideas and transfer them into reality, almost by magic!

Production and Testing
The production phase is when the magic of creativity is turned to code with hard work, dedication and use of the highest work standards. Our web developers have a keen eye for usability and accessibility, and have a strong technological background to achieve it.

This is judgement time, when all the combined efforts of information architects, designers, web developers and SEO experts are put to test. Thereafter the campaign is launched. Now ATL (India) experts work hard at ensuring that your website receives great search engine ranking through various internet marketing techniques including PPC and SEO.

ATL (India) is the one stop online solution provider that covers all the processes that make an online business a success.

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